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Conference Agenda 2024

Theme: Embracing innovation for a safer future


The demand for fire safety is expected to grow steadily in North Africa. Driven by several factors including increasing government regulation, rapid urbanisation, growing awareness of fire safety and the accelerated development of infrastructure, FIREX Talks' strategic focus is poised to meet this growing demand and reshape the fire and security industry in the region.

Ignite your knowledge on the latest regulations, new safety codes and standards to ensure fire safety and effective response to fire emergencies, and market insights for business growth in local and export markets.

Gain insights from renowned experts, tech innovators and government on how the world of fire safety is changing and dive into topics like HSE updates, Golden Thread, Lithium-ion batteries, PEEPs, passive fire protection, fire risk assessments, and more.

Key Topics

• Role of insurance in fire risks and business continuity

• Key approaches to achieve fire prevention through facility management

• Innovations and future directions in firefighting systems

• Comprehensive passive fire protection approaches • Raising occupational health and safety standards in North Africa

What's new?

• Fire safety workshop: Transform safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities

• Local distributers and sponsor networking reception 

Benefits of Attending

• Review the latest strategies for enhancing safety across industries

• Assess the role of insurance in fire incident management

• Discover innovative approaches to fire prevention and management in various fields

• Explore the latest advances and future trends in firefighting technology

• Improve the methodologies and strategies for assessing fire risks 


Welcome remarks by the master of ceremonies


Opening keynote: Fire safety risks from new technology in the power sector


 Opening Panel: Towards a secure tomorrow: The government roadmap to enhance the safety culture in the country

• Discuss the development and implementation of safety regulations and policies by the government to mitigate risks and promote safety across different sectors.

• Explore effective partnerships and collaborations between government agencies, private industries, and community organisations to address safety challenges

 • Review upcoming safety initiatives and infrastructure developments aimed at ensuring a secure future for citizens and communities. 


Keynote: Investing in risk control: Safeguarding against fire incidents


Innovation talk: Lithium fire suppression technology


 Networking break


Is insurance your fire safety partner


Panel Discussion: Best practices from fire safety plans across different industries

Effective strategies and techniques in fire prevention across high-risk industries in Egypt •

Review how fire risks differ across industries

• What does an incident-ready workplace and community look like?

• HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) challenges in fire safety


Panel Discussion: Optimising fire prevention through effective facility management

• Best practices and innovation in regular inspection and maintenance of building systems
• Measure the financial and environmental impact of implementing advanced fire prevention measures
• The benefits of integrating fire safety with other facility management functions


Advancements in fire detection and monitoring technologies


Ensuring safety during emergencies through comprehensive evacuation plans


Summary and closing remarks - Day one 


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Fireside Chat: Best practices, trends, and challenges in Active Fire Protection (AFP)


Keynote: How the ‘Golden Thread’ is improving building fire safety


What is the impact of environmental considerations on fire protection strategies


Panel Discussion: New responsibilities for manufacturers in the installation of passive fire protection products 

• Examining challenges and best practices in the design, installation, and maintenance of passive fire protection systems.

• Impact of passive fire protection on building safety and insurance costs

• Building codes and standards for passive fire protection

• Testing and certification of passive fire protection systems


Local distributers and sponsor networking reception


Industry session: Digitalisation for enhanced passive fire protection management


Keynote: Improving Occupational Health and Safety practices in North Africa: Current efforts and future directions


Fireside Chat: Implementing international standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO 45001)


Networking break


Innovations in security and surveillance systems 

• Exploring innovative technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, and smart sensors transforming facility fire prevention.

• Discussing the role of surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and perimeter detection systems in identifying and alerting potential security threats. 


 Fireside Chat: Challenges faced in implementing remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems in the Egyptian market


Navigating hazards and risks: Understanding the difference between hazards and risk assessment  


Implementing a hierarchy of fire safety control measures


Fireside Chat: Fire safety protocols for startups


Summary and closing remarks - Day two


Delegate networking and group photo session

11:00 - 17:00

 Fire Safety Workshop: Transform safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities